Thursday, December 18, 2014

Her Work is Dedicated to Fallen Soldiers

It is my pleasure to feature author Mary Ann Bernal on today's edition of In Good Company. I was introduced to her recently by author Brenda Perlin and it is my hope that we will maintain a supportive connection. History buffs will love her work, all of which is dedicated to people of our armed forces.

Mary Ann Bernal of Omaha, Nebraska and author of The Briton and the Dane novels, her most recent one titled, Timeline is an avid history buff whose area of interest focuses on Ninth Century Anglo-Saxon Britain during the Viking Age.  While pursuing a degree in business administration, she managed to fit creative writing classes and workshops into her busy schedule, but it would take decades before her Erik the Viking novel was published.

Mary Ann is also a passionate supporter of the United States military, having been involved with letter writing campaigns and other support programs since Operation Desert Storm.  She has appeared on The Morning Blend television show hosted by KMTV, the CBS television affiliate in Omaha, and was interviewed by the Omaha World-Herald for her volunteer work.  She has also been a featured author on Triangle Variety Radio, The Phil Naessens Show, and The Writers Showcase, and has been interviewed extensively by American and European bloggers.


The Briton and the Dane: Timeline


Mary Ann Bernal


Since I am an incurable, romantic Anglophile after having read Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott, choosing to set my stories in Anglo-Saxon England was a no-brainer.  However, on the other end of the spectrum is my love for Science Fiction and Gene Roddenberry’s “wagon train to the stars: series, Star Trek.

Mr. Roddenberry’s Star Trek stories brought to light common injustices, which divide nations, but these problems were taking place in the future on distant planets.  The subtle inferences were meant to educate the viewer about good and bad societal behavior.

One of the themes running through The Briton and the Dane series is the plight of the warrior and his family.  My stories shed light on the effect a warrior’s “career” has on the family, and the sacrifices made by loved ones.  In today’s society, our deployed men and women serve their country and preserve our freedom, risking their lives daily for the greater good.  Thank a service person and/or veteran for his/her service.  Freedom is not free.

All of my novels are dedicated to fallen soldiers and everyone who has died fighting the war against terror.  These brave men and women will never be forgotten.

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