Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Prayer for the New Year

One of my favorite Facebook sites is the Nighthawk's Spiritual Works administered by Dennis Binns.
The following is just one of the daily prayers published by this special man. If you are hungry to begin your year with spiritual inspiration, you can't do any better than logging onto Mr. Binns' site. It is a perfect place for a daily meditation, too.   

Great Spirit, Almighty Healer and Creator of all things, it is with humbled hearts that we gather together to offer up many thanks. We thank you for the sacredness of the soil we walk upon, as it holds the blood of those that have come before us. We thank you for the wisdom that comes to our hearts through the experiences we encounter, as well as when we receive them from our ancestors. We thank you for the strength found in the wind as it swirls in circles, and the gentleness of the breeze as it touches our cheeks. We thank you for the cycles of the seasons that show us how life also moves through cycles. We thank you for the wisdom found in the trees when we learn to empty our minds and listen intently to the words they speak. We thank you for the snow that will soon blanket the ground as it prepares it for its slumber.

We ask for healing for those that are enduring great suffering through diverse diseases and disorders. We ask for comfort and peace for those that have lost loved ones. We ask for strength and courage for those that have moved on to the Spirit World. We ask for a greater spiritual reawakening so we may become a greater voice that will not falter throughout the four corners. We ask for an end to the hatred that further destroys us. We ask instead for an era of peace where all become truly equal. We ask for an end to greed and materialistic desires. We ask instead for closed eyes to see and hardened hearts to soften so we may begin to understand the destruction we have made and the task that lies before us. We ask for freedom for all that have been incarcerated over crimes they did not commit. We ask for veils of secrecy to be lifted and closed doors to open so we may better understand that which has brought so much evil into the world. We ask for protection for the defenseless. We ask also for protection for all of our animal friends that are being killed for sport or wall trophies. We ask for an end to domestic violence and abuse and protection be given to those that must suffer through them. We ask for an end to all hostilities and war that further feeds the hatred that divides us. For those that have been abducted, we ask for your strength be granted and for their safe return. We ask for patience when we tend to rush into things before we think.

We thank you for our Elders and the wisdom they provide. May those that are deserving be given the respect they need. We thank you for our children that will build upon an unbreakable foundation this generation lays before them. We thank you for the many trials we endure in order to strengthen our spirit. We thank you for our relations that provide insight when it is needed. We thank you for the rains that come to bring growth and purification to the areas of need. We thank you for the precious gift of life and the magnificence of the beauty that surrounds us. Emenv
Painting: The Witness by Linda Lee Greene - website:

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