Friday, July 10, 2015

A Collection of Personal and Revealing Letters

My historical fiction novel "Guardians and Other Angels" features transcriptions of authentic letters written by several of the main characters. Included in the novel is this one dated July 22, 1936, and is penned by my maternal grandmother Lena Gaffin and addressed to her firstborn child Marlin "Bob" Gaffin. Bob was in the Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC), a highly successful program put in place by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Its purpose was to provide employment for young men across the nation, disenfranchised young men essentially, who were victims of the Great Depression.

In the novel, I funnel the experiences of the characters through pivotal decades of the twentieth century, making it a multi-layered story that blends fact and fiction.

"Guardians and Other Angels" is a 2.99 eBook on Amazon.

The paperback edition will be available in a few days.