Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"Circle of Time" by Debra Shiveley Welch

Circle of Time by [Welch, Debra Shiveley]History buffs will get a kick out of the latest novel by best-selling and award-winning author Debra Shiveley Welch. Borne of her frustration over the inaccuracies regarding Tudor history so often written into historical accounts, Debra decided to write her own book based on her several decades of study of the period, Wrapped in an intriguing fantasy involving time-travel of a contemporary woman, fantasy or no, the historical events set forth in the book are accurate. The following is a brief description of the book:  

When 21-year-old Bridget Littleton decides to borrow her father's yacht and sail off of the tip of Florida toward Bermuda, she discovers that the legends about the Bermuda Triangle are very true.

After seeing a face in the ocean waves, her next memory is of spinning water and blackness. She awakens in the town of Bristol England in the year 1532.

Rumors of her beauty reach the court, and soon Bridget, known as Bridge, finds herself in the court of Henry VIII and Lady in Waiting to none other than Anne Boleyn.

Will she get out alive? Will she accidentally change the course of history, or is she indeed a part of the history she has studied since she was a little girl?