Monday, August 20, 2012

An Engaging Historical Treasure

A loaf of bread,
A jug of wine,
And book reviews,
Especially five-star book reviews are what I live for these days.

"Is this what your life has reduced to?" my rational mind says.

But listen to this -- to what Iris Park of Allbooks Reviews says:

Guardians and Other Angels: An Engaging Historical Treasure

Linda Lee Greene’s recent novel, Guardians and Other Angels is an interesting bundle of tragedies and triumphs taken place during the Great Depression and World War II. I strongly recommend this book definitely to an older audience or to young adults that are interested in (Great Depression and) war history. Although this novel was a very captivating one, I feel it’s not diverted towards children due to the emotional, personal drama that occurs in it.
Inspired by a true story, Guardians and Other Angels is a recollection of experiences of two American families during the Great Depression and World War II. The story mostly surrounds a lady named Mary Evalena Caplinger (Lena). The novel is full of love, sadness, joy, and other heart-wrenching emotions that the reader would feel as they venture further into the plot. Throughout the pages, the book contains many authentic letters that are written by the characters, immediately making the novel more intriguing and private to read.

Linda Lee Greene really sculpts the characters. As I was reading, I felt connected to them in some way, as if they were real people that I knew personally. I also appreciated how Greene decided to tell the story in a fictional manner, as I thought it would not have been as fascinating if it was completely non-fiction. The novel was nicely wrapped up at the end and it was finished with finality, giving me a sense of satisfaction once I completed reading. I really enjoyed this read; it truly exhausted my heart and played with my feelings.

Linda Lee Greene is a wonderful author and also an award-winning artist, who originated from Ohio. Besides Guardians and Other Angels, she has also co-written Jesus Gandhi Oma Mae Adams, an Amazon best-seller. She is a loving mother of two and also a grandmother to two grandchildren. Linda Lee Greene currently resides in Columbus, Ohio.
Reviewer: Iris Park, Allbooks Review Int.

Such praise!  Such praise!
I could live on this for days and days.

"Get a grip!  A grip!" my rational mind implores me.

But instead I eat a jug of wine,
And drink a loaf of bread...tee hee,
And hold my breath for the next five-star review. 

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