Thursday, July 12, 2018

5 Stars..A Well-Written & Cleverly Plotted Mystery by David Boiani

Avid reader Linda Lee Greene gives this book 5 Stars and says about it:

So often sequels are disappointing, but this one holds its own against past books by this author. This is a dark story of unspeakable crime, but it is balanced with lighter fare found in family relationships and friendship. I recommend this book highly.
The following is an overview of the story:

It has been four years since the case of serial killer Silas Alvah shook the town of Seattle to its core. Retired Detective John Corbin has settled into his life of husband, father, and restaurant owner; Detective work, however, is embedded in his heart and soul and the pull has never left him. When a disturbed and twisted killer rises to the surface of Northwestern Washington, it is soon apparent his intention is to draw John Corbin back into the horrors of detective work that has already left him scarred. Will John risk everything to be drawn into the killer's twisted game of using human beings as pawns? Will he follow his ingrained instincts and attempt to save the innocent from evil? ‘The Redemption’ is a twisting, turning labyrinth that will take you on a thrill ride unlike anything you have experienced before as each life is measured by our most unforgiving enemy… Time.

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