Friday, June 8, 2018

The Buzz About Author Lyra Shanti's "The Artist"

Free today, people! Sexy, romantic, poetic insanity for FREE! Go get it on Amazon!


Jim Davis Got it... Am I old enough to read this?

Lyra Shanti Jim, it has its naughty bits, to be sure, but at the heart, it's about art and madness, and love. I think you'll probably squeak by the age requirement.

Jim Davis Lyra Well, okay. If you say so. But, I do have an impressionable mind. LOL

Lyra Shanti Thanks for sharing, Linda! Here is the link for anyone who is interested:


Award-winning artist and author, blogger, editor, and interior designer Linda Lee Greene is on social media at the following:
Twitter: @LLGreeneAuthor

Also look for her on LinkedIn and Google+

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