Saturday, May 19, 2018

Author Susan Kay Box Brunner Releases New Novel

I am so excited to feature an excerpt of author Susan Kay Box Brunner's latest novel: Her Kind of Businessman

Luke Benson stepped from the Jeep and noticed the weary, tired-structure of the run-down- white- faded, farmhouse and wondered, What did I get myself in for?  This surely was not the image the internet gave.  But he, in a ‘Vineyard Vines’ navy blue-suit, adjusted his shoulders, lifted his suitcase, duffle bag, his computer, and walked toward the worn steps.  He silently thought and warned himself, She’s off limits.  No, I’ve been there, done that, and I’m very satisfied in being a bachelor.  He rubbed his chin, Too bad!  What fun a simmering summer fling could have been.

Joann gasped, “Oh my”.  Her green eyes widened as she eyed the tall broad-shouldered-drop-dead-gorgeous man with wavy black hair.  His steps were one of assurance and determination. Be still my heart.  But then she remembered a time with Mitchell, when he said, “Joann you’re a wonderful sweet woman and I wish I could convince myself to marry you tomorrow, but Professor Whitfield called from California and left a voice message and he wants me to join his team’. You know that’s been my life’s dream.”  Joann decided, No way no how would she ever think about getting involved with Mr. Luke Benson.  Besides he would be leaving soon moving on to bigger and better sights. 

In the quiet of the night three victims, Luke Benson, Joann Steeples, and Charles Berkley Franklin faced life in different ways, dishonesty of a woman, distrust from a man, and distorted happenings in life from people, employment, and love.  They each reached a place in life and questioned, could there possibly be a second chance in life?


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