Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Review of Fran Lewis' A DAUGHTER'S PROMISE

October 4, 2017…Submitted by Linda Lee Greene, Author & Artist

5 Stars...Uplifting in its sincerity; illuminating in its wisdom; heartbreaking in its candor, A DAUGHTER’S PROMISE by prolific writer and book reviewer Fran Lewis is the story of her mother Ruth’s journey through Alzheimer’s Disease. Written from the points of view of both Ruth and Fran, the book gives readers insight into the mind and heart of the sufferer, as well as of the caregiver, dual perspectives not often available in other literary pieces of this kind.

“Something has overtaken my thoughts, mind, and thinking skills. But what? I have no idea. Slowly, methodically, and carefully, like a book with its chapters outlined and set in type to be published and printed, my world seems dimmer and my memory all fogged up as this entity takes hold within the recesses of my mind, ready to print out and publish my future…”

In words gleaned from Ruth’s journals she kept during much of her illness, Fran, her mother’s caregiver and chronicler, offers to the world in this outstanding book an intimate story readers will not soon forget. In addition to Ruth’s journal writings, it brims with Fran’s observations, expressions of her feelings, as well as helpful hints in the care of afflicted people of this disease, including valuable professional resources. In its essence, it is a grateful, loyal, and brave daughter’s tribute to her remarkable mother, and the extraordinary steps she takes to remain faithful to her promise to her mother not to place her in a nursing home or any other outside facility.


  1. Sounds like this is an emotional but practical read.

    1. It is well-worth reading,Jackie. It is so nice of you to comment. Have a happy day. Linda xxx

  2. Replies
    1. I'm with you on that score, Christoph. Thanks so much for commenting. Have a happy day. Linda xxx

  3. Good luck with the book. That sure has a lot of emotional resonance going for it!

  4. Thank you, Chad. It is an emotional read, and well-worth it.