Friday, April 14, 2017

POEM OF THE DAY: "Resurrection" by Linda Lee Greene

To me, this is the metaphysical meaning of Easter:


I hear the rock being pushed away from the tomb.
People are grunting and straining with the effort.
The light will be here soon.
I crouch further back into a deep dark corner of my second womb:
this lifetime in whose years my tomb is hewn.
I throw my hands to my ears against the noise.
Is that popping and crunching beneath the weight of the rock the grinding of the bones of my weaker selves?
Is that screaming the last gasps of my shadow parts I’m leaving behind?
When the light finds me will I let it burn away my remaining grime?
Will I let it polish me?
Will I let it let me shine?
©Linda Lee Greene - December 9, 2007
Linda Lee Greene's latest novel is a story of resurrection of a deeply wounded woman, titled CRADLE OF THE SERPENT,

Linda Lee Greene is the best-selling author of the novel of literary fiction CRADLE OF THE SERPENT, the novella for young readers ROOSTER TALE, the true-life novel GUARDIANS AND OTHER ANGELS, and the co-author with Debra Shiveley Welch of the suspense novel JESUS GANDHI OMA MAE ADAMS Her artwork is on view at Linda’s Twitter handle is @LLGreeneAuthor. Her Amazon Author’s Page is at, and follow her on Facebook at!/LindaLeeGreeneAuthor, as well as on her Goodreads page at

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