Monday, May 6, 2013

Fateful Night, a New Book by Authors K R Hughes & T L Burns

My good and supportive writing friends, authors K R Hughes and T L Burns will be releasing their new ebook Fateful Night on May 10th, a continuation of the alternative history of the life and death of actress Marilyn Monroe that the writing duo proposed in their initial book on the subject What She Knew.  My understanding is that Fateful Night is book two of a trilogy of books on the subject.  Book three of the trilogy, Darkest Day is scheduled for release next summer.  The following are brief biographies of the prolific writing team, as well as links to them and their work.  I hope you check it out.  It should be a lot of fun to travel down the road of speculation once more with Hughes and Burns:    
K.R. Hughes
Hughes is an English major from Amarillo, Texas. She now resides near Atlanta, Georgia. She enjoys writing with her co-author T.L. Burns. 

Hughes enjoys working with budding writers and tutoring English. Her passion is for at-risk teens. She volunteers to help teens realize their potential and find their passion. Hughes has two grown children, Justin and Kayti, and two four legged girls, MayZee and Ruthie.

Find other works by this author in the Historical Romance section, pen name is Kymber Lee, Treasured Love and Lord Tristan's True Love are both a fun romp written in Regency England in 1811. Lee (Hughes) wrote these novels for her grandmother who is a huge supporter of her work.

T.L. Burns

As Burns' co-author puts it, "She is the foremost researcher and historical guru for our What She Knew trilogy."

Burns is originally from California (desert region, with mountains), spent nearly twenty years in the panhandle of Texas (again, desert region only without the mountains) and now resides near Atlanta, Georgia. In her words, "Trees and flowers everywhere!! Even the weeds are green and lush! I feel like I'm living in a postcard!! And, no wind! The desert regions are sooooo windy."

Burns passion is for at-risk families. She volunteers her time to help the needy, not with a hand-out but with a hand-up. She is married and has two grown sons (best sons in the whole world) and two 4 legged sons, Binford and Digby.

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Fateful Night will be available on Amazon as an ebook May 10th!!  In a few short weeks, you will also be able to purchase the paperback.  Follow the authors for the latest details and how to obtain a copy for yourself.

What She Knew - An alternate history - What if Marilyn had lived and JFK saved?

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  1. Nice interview! Blessings for your new book, ladies!

  2. Thank you so very much for having us Linda! We enjoy following your blog and were very honored that you hosted us on it!! Blesssings to you, K.R. and T.L.

  3. Thank you DeEtte! We are so blessed that author frieds like you are cheering us on. Thanks again for donating a copy of Victory and a couple of hand made book marks for the book launch!!