Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Predawn World of Saints and Sages


While this entire essay is inspired by him, the italicized portions of it are the actual words of author and physician Deepak Chopra as presented in his ground-breaking treatise, THE BOOK OF SECRETS, Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life.


One of the most common sights in India, or anywhere else in the East, used to be saffron-colored monks in meditation before dawn.  Many other people (my grandmother and mother among them) rise at the same early hour and go to the temple to pray.  The point of this exercise is that they are meeting the day before it begins.

                To meet the day before it begins means that you are present when it is born.  You open yourself to a possibility.  Because there are not yet any events, the infant day is open, fresh, and new; it could turn into anything.  The meditating monks and the people at prayer want to add their influence at the critical moment, like being present at the beginning of a baby’s life…

                At first light, rather than scramble out of bed, continue to recline or sit up in a comfortable position and open your mind and heart to your path as it wishes to unfold.  Let it evolve into a rhythm of feelings.  If you feel new, as if the day is going to be unique; or if you feel such harmony that some stressful issue will be resolved; or if some new creative concept occurs to you; or if you feel such love that you want to settle any differences, or include someone you have excluded; or if you feel a kind of wholeness whereby you know you are in the flow of the universe, then you’ve entered the predawn world where saints and sages have functioned for thousands of years.  What they have been doing, and what you are now beginning to do, is to precipitate reality onto the earth.  You are opening a channel in your own awareness through which renewal, peace, harmony, creativity, love, and wholeness get a chance to be here…Like rain falling out of a clear sky, your influence causes a possibility to become manifest.”

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  1. Very nice post...I generally get up before the day begins...just because that works for me...but I love the concept of welcoming the infant day...beautiful!