Monday, October 22, 2012

Presenting Author, Susan Kay Box Brunner

Author, Susan Kay Box Brunner and I might have been girlhood friends because we ran in glancing circles, shared mutual friends, attended the same high school—she married the brother of a young man with whom I entertained a passing fancy—she knew my brother, but never me, except through reputation.  Despite all of these circumstances, we actually met only a few months ago when I attended my first meeting of the Grove City Writers’ Group, a local organization of writers, editors, and reviewers of which she is a member in long standing.  Ours is a supportive group.  In addition to sponsoring and promoting young writers, we share information and resources, as well as organize group book fairs and other writing-related programs.  We also do our best to show up at special events benefiting one another as individuals.

                Susan’s next event is a book signing and reading on November 9, 2012 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Eternity Books & Gifts located in the Grove City Nazarene Church, 4770 Hoover Road, Grove City, Ohio 43123.  I am also happy to lend my support to Susan in her writing efforts by featuring her as my guest author this week.  

Tell us…who are you…where do you live…what do you do on a daily basis?

My name is Susan Kay Box Brunner and I am a Christian Author living in Grove City, Ohio.  I write, read, pray, and walk daily.               

What do you like to do when you aren’t writing and/or promoting your book/books?

I participate as a teacher, leader, and substitute listener in the worldwide, non-denominational club to encourage the physical, mental, and spiritual welfare of children known as AWANA, an acronym for  Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed, a phrase taken from the Bible.

How did it happen that you wanted to become a writer?

Fictional people, events, happenings, along with life, came to mind and I had to write.

What advice do you have for aspiring, or new, writers?

Never give up on your dreams.  Seek God’s will, libraries, and skilled people.

In what genre is your most recent book classified?  What is the source of its title?

Inspirational romance, mystery, and adventure.  Title source:  Character’s first name and happenings.

Give us a short excerpt of it.

Sara’s Adventures:  The stewards gave quick precise directions for crashing.  Sara felt sick.  Her stomach rolled and her head felt light.  Sara glanced up, fingering for the oxygen mask, but the mask was nowhere in sight.  She felt a strong hand on her neck.  A mask was shoved over her face.  The voice said, “Breathe.”  Sara noticed it was Claudia as her mind floated.

How is your book different than others of this genre?

Although fiction, it could be real in anyone’s life.  Both Karen and Sara draw you into their lives as extended families.

What inspired you to write it?

In 5th grade, substitute teacher, Mrs. Cornilish read to her students daily.  The stories would come alive.  It burned a desire deep within me to story tell.

Do you have any works in progress, and if so, give us an overview?

Tit for Tat:  Individuals cross paths through family, friends, and business.  They are an eclectic group.  They are faced with circumstances which leave them only with God to lean on…but do they?  How will they respond?  With back-biting and selfishness?  Will old habits remain?

The Cottage:  Who would have thought that five-some friendship fledging out of a grade school cafeteria in Richmond, Virginia, would have life-long impact?  Did life go as expected?  Did they all stay best friends? 

What else do you want our readers to know about you, or your current book?

I enjoy speaking engagements, book readings/signings with audience participation.  My next book reading and signing will be held on November 9, 2012 at Eternity Books & Gifts located in the Grove City Nazarene Church, 4770 Hoover Road Grove City, Ohio 43123.  Time: 6:30-8:30 PM.

Where can people buy your book/books? (; (;, or at Eternity Books & Gifts, 614-305-2037.

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