Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cedar Woman by Debra Shiveley Welch

Cedar Woman, the winner of the Book and Authors Best Native American Fiction 2011 by Debra Shiveley Welch, is a beautiful book that combines a novel about a contemporary woman of America’s Lakota Indian Tribe, an addendum of Traditional Indian recipes, and a dictionary of Lakota terms.  Believe it or not, until midnight, Wednesday, April 9, 2012, it is available free of charge if downloaded onto your Kindle.  You will find it at http://amazon.com/Cedar-Woman-Ebook/dp/B0053ZL54W/ref=Sr_1_1?s=digital-text&i.e.=UTF8&qid=1336332853&Sr=1-1.
Why would anyone wish to offer his/her work for free, you are asking?  It is an age-old marketing strategy built on the premise that more is better in terms of getting the word out about certain products, a strategy that has been adopted by booksellers.  Think of the sample cereal and detergent boxes that show up in your mailbox and you will grasp the concept.  Once you have received the products, used them, and liked them, don’t you buy more of them, and also tell other people about them? I feel confident that once you sample this lovely book, you will recommend it to members of your family, and to your friends, especially the young females within your circle.     

Cedar Woman is a story rooted in the heroine’s love of family and dedication to her culture and to her religion.  However, I find its greatest strength to be in the faith that Cedar Woman has in herself.  A strong woman of impeccable character, she cares for her family and loved-ones against all odds, and in spite of many hardships. 
Flawlessly written in an easy and flowing style typical of Debra, I highly recommend this award-winning, Amazon best-seller.

Garnering awards for her literary accomplishments is not new to Debra Shiveley Welch.  Two of her previous works, A Very Special Child and Son of My Soul – The Adoption of Christopher have won numerous awards, the former, the Faithwriters Gold Seal of Approval –  Outstanding Read; best-seller on Amazon and Amazon Japan; the latter, the Faithwriters Gold Seal of Approval –  Outstanding Read; Books and Authors Literary Excellence; Books and Authors Best Non-Fiction Book 2007; Allbooks Review Editor’s Choice 2011; and best-seller on Amazon.

An award-winning artist, the online exhibition of Linda’s artwork can be viewed at www.gallery-llgreene.com

A best-selling author, Linda’s latest novel, Guardians and Other Angels is in the printer’s queue.  Stay tuned for the announcement of its launching.

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